It Takes More ©Adrienne Shamszad, 2010

“It Takes More”

It Takes More is a little bit like a handbook for life. I wrote this song back in 2010, and though I was very young and couldn’t anticipate the turmoil and the triumphs that would unfold for me in the coming years, some all-knowing voice pierced through the mystery and told the truth of how life is. There are so many lines in this song that I have tattooed on my heart to pull me through hard times, to give me strength. “If you want high, why you looking low? There’s room for you in all of the places you wanna go.” The song is all about asking more of ourselves, to dig deeper to the essence of who we are and live more and more from that place. It asks us to see more clearly, not to get pulled down too far by the trickiness of being a human. The song and it’s lyrics are all about having faith, reaching out beyond the heaviness of life and trusting that if we keep our heads up, we will find that love that’s always there waiting for us. “Shine a little bit brighter, let your load be a little bit lighter. It takes more. Sing a little bit clearer, keep love a little bit nearer… It takes more.”

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