Group Classes

A songwriter is a poet, a story teller, a composer, and a conduit for the muse. The melodies we craft to accompany our poetry can be as important as the words themselves; and the lyrics we choose can convey so much more than what is written, when they are written well. A powerful melody can penetrate the heart of the listener so that the lyrics can pour inside, and poetry can illuminate the truth in ways that elevate our spirits and make more meaning out of life.

In this class we will explore different strategies for crafting amazing lyrics and melodies that support the storytelling in your songs. We will study classic songs and songwriters from the western pop world as well as music from around the world. You will have the chance to share your own songs and receive individualized support.  Every class will include some combination of warmups, writing exercises, study, work time, and sharing. This is an opportunity to connect in a new way with your muse and to invite your own unique voice to stretch and expand.

Sing & Surrender

A Vocal Massage Class To Free The Body For Song

Guided by singer-songwriter, Adrienne Shamszad, you will have the chance to develop and refine vocal techniques that support the empowered and liberated use of your voice. Each 4-week series is dedicated to learning a new, uplifting song written by Adrienne, especially for Sing and Surrender where you will learn a mixture of techniques, warm-ups, and melodies that encourage self-love, self-acceptance, courage, and confidence.

Some of the topics include:

  • Breath control
  • Dynamics
  • Vowels, jaw, and tongue placement
  • Harmonizing
  • Vocal health
  • Resonance
  • Singing as a means for healing, relief, and activism

Adrienne Shamszad has been performing and teaching for over 2 decades. She is an experienced guide through the complex waters of vocal development and views the process of “learning how to sing” as a path of “learning to be at ease with oneself.” She is actively engaged in empowering people with the skills they need to use their unique voices to sing, and speak their truth with power, beauty and wisdom.

Singing has the ability to dislodge stuck emotion, to create a clear pathway for grief, anger and fear to flow through our bodies. As we release these often trapped feelings, we awaken new, with refreshed love and energy for our art, for our activism, for our lives and for the lives of our loved ones.

Singing as a group is a practice that unites people and makes us feel whole. Adrienne uses the virtual space to connect singers to one another, so that the experience of singing online is one of expansion and reaching new and unexpected heights of vocal liberation, expression and connection.


There’s so much joy in what I’m feeling...I feel really connected with each of you, hearing your beautiful voices…”

- MH, first time participant


“I have problems with severe TMJ and participating in Sing and Surrender is the only thing to date that gives me relief.”

- HA, regular participant


“Let your guard down’ was a life-changing cue. Thanks for that Adrienne!”

- MC, regular participant

Adrienne Shamszad Rose Logo

“Sing and the Surrender
Sing and then let go
Sing for your brokenness sing for your sorrow”

Your voice is the messenger of your truth.