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The Art of Melody Writing: Online Class Sponsored by Freight & Salvage

Meets 6 Mondays, September 12 to October 24, 2022 at 7:00PM About the class: Storytelling through song is a timeless art form that has shaped ...
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Adrienne’s retired, but still relevant, artist statement. (2018)

Music is a journey for me.  It is an ongoing process of evolution and self-discovery, in the least cliche new-ager sense you could imagine.  Music ...
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a sad update with a positive reframe & some pretty pictures

Hey family, As I wrote in my last email, I was planning to perform tonight with Artemisia, the band of one of my students, for ...
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Breathe You In © 2014, Adrienne Shamszad

Our Web of Connection + A New Song

We are the web of connection Recently, I’ve been thinking of being alive as synonymous with being connected. U.S. society, which I am woven into, ...
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I Am Beautiful ©2010 Adrienne Shamszad

New Single Just Dropped

Salaam and hello my people, I come to you today with some good news and a short, but deep, story.As you may know, it has ...
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when i'm tired | adrienne shamszad

A Song From My Vault

Hello beloveds, My latest “Song From The Vault” is out today on all the streaming platforms. It will be my last release of these songs ...
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Love You Without Fear
Nothing I Can Say
Majnun Naboodam
The Moon Was Low