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“Wash It All Away”

Wash It All Away is a big, beautiful declaration of my love and respect for life, nature, the cosmos, God/Spirit, and for the human struggle… and it also happens to be the story of my life.

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Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, setar, tiny bell: Adrienne Shamszad
Keys on Everlasting Love, Wash It All Away: Ram Dass Khalsa
Bass: Daniel Fabricant
Drums and percussion: James Small
Vibes: Everybody
Trumpet: Arturo Solar
Trombone: Garrett Smith
Alto/Tenor Sax: Jesse McGinty
Bari Sax: Jeremy Lappitt
Cello: Lewis Patzner
Viola: Sahib-Amar Khalsa
1st Violin: Wakeford Gong
2nd Violin: Amy Loftus
Vocals on Sing and Surrender: Tammi Brown, Destani Wolf, David Worm, Bryan Dyer
String and Horn arrangements on All In, It Takes What It Takes, and Everlasting Love: Arturo Solar
Vocal arrangement on Sing and Surrender: Bryan Dyer (with Adrienne Shamszad)

All songs written and arranged by: Adrienne Shamszad
Produced by: Adrienne Shamszad and Ram Dass Khalsa
Engineered by: Ram Dass Khalsa and Nino Moschella
Mixed and Mastered by: Ram Dass Khalsa
Photography: Roshi Sariaslan
Artwork: Nick James

Adrienne Shamszad Rose Logo

Acknowledgements and Dedications

This album was made with the love and support of many people.

Thank you to each of you, friends, fans, and family, who encouraged me spiritually, emotionally, and materially throughout this process. I could not and likely would not have done this without the love (and pressure!) you all gave me.

Thank you Ram Dass for your talent and for being so invested in this project with me. You took it on with so much generosity of spirit and I love what we created together.

Thank you to my parents, Merideth and Sasha for your incredible support and for keeping me so motivated with your enthusiasm.

Thank you to Alan for everything you have done to help this get out of me. When you told me you were All In, I was all yours!

Thank you Rabia for basically screaming at me for 10 years to make another album and having my back so hard when I was finally ready.

Thank you Seta for supporting me so much throughout this project and for so many years. Your constant love has meant everything to me.

Thank you Andrew, for all of your incredible help in getting this started. And thank you for seeing the potential in Wash It All Away and calling that song back up out of my vault.

Thank you to all of my patrons on Patreon! You are a small yet very mighty crew and I value you deeply.

Thank you Uncle Mo, Frank, Denalda and to all of my ancestors who have been encouraging me to break out of hiding, to let go of the past, and to make some art for the people.

This album is dedicated to the life and love legacy of Meher Baba and his beloved, Mehera.

I am lost at sea. A storm thrashes my ship, rips through the sails, beats heavy on the sides. I am near rupture, on the brink of collapse. I grip so tightly to the edge, to the life I believed I was destined for. But nature…God… has decided: there is more for me than what I am clinging to.

The waters crash into me from all directions. I cannot keep holding on. My fingers are slipping. One last scream! And then…stillness.

Revelation. Exhale. I let go and am free now, out in the ocean. The water…she is my friend again. She holds me in her arms. Willingly now, I ask her to cleanse me of what remains of my old, burdensome ways. I say, Wash It All Away. The storm has passed, the way is clear, and I return home to my Beloved.