A New Life - Adrienne Shamszad

Andrew Lyrics

©2008 Adrienne Shamszad

Oh Andrew
Opened my eyes
When he rolled back his sleeves
And showed his war wounds
And tried to cry

You would cry too if you’d seen him then
You’d wish you’d been there to save him
But the legacy of love He’d leave behind
I was one of them

The brightness of his smile
Was gone unseen by his family
There were always more impressive things to hear about
Then Andrew unraveling

He could not keep his feet on the ground
And everyone wanted some of him
So much love that he still carried around
Oh I was proud of him

I’m like a kite without a string he’d say
He thought that the wind was plotting against him
He found the hard way
That there were monsters living inside him

Hopelessness is not a disease
No it’s a state of mind that intrigued him
When he’d forgotten the love that was always his dream
Still I believed in him

He said “I’m up against an army,
What do I do now? Tell me!”
Andrew dropped to his knees and screamed
“Lord, Save me! Lord, Save me…”

And we wept together, Andrew and I,
My cheek felt warm against his
And the legacy of love that was so far behind
Now was there before him
HIs life was ready for him
And I was waiting for him

Waiting, I was, ready baby
Like a bird in the trees and
You were the breeze
Waiting I was, yeah
I was waiting for
I was ready for you
I was waiting for you