Lovesong In The Void Lyrics

Lovesong In The Void
Adrienne Shamszad ©2023

When I saw You,
my breath was taken from me.
Like a rose in bloom
You show Yourself completely.

Oh, a Rose, in a world of dust and ashes…
Everybody seems to think they know Love,
but they run from that endless vastness

When the light grows dim,
leave a candle in Your window.
And when the night is cold,
when the Veil gets thin,
Will You help me find my way back Home?

Oh, a Home, where the door is always open.
Where the Truth sits up on a throne
and where the Light remains unbroken.

I want to be submerged under Your waters
and feel the weightlessness of Your Love…
Gravity is heavy on my shoulders.
O! To be as light as the Light that I am made of!

Out beyond the boundaries of this life,
across the bridge of time and space,
there’s a stillness where everything is just right
and the moon shines on Your face.

Oh, the Moon, with a soul that’s just like mine
We are reflections, of the Sun
The Sun divine

I dive into the silence that surrounds me.
I’m on fire, but I dare not make a sound.
I’m ready, to free fall into nothing,
With You and me and the stars all around.

When I saw You
My breath was taken from me.
But oh, to love You.
You give the world to me.