The Art of Melody Writing: Online Class Sponsored by Freight & Salvage

Meets 6 Mondays, September 12 to October 24, 2022 at 7:00PM

About the class:

Storytelling through song is a timeless art form that has shaped humanity throughout the ages. Memorable melodies have been our companions throughout history, helping people to relay important messages, connect with nature, and keep us focused. Melodies help us celebrate the joys in life and give us hope during the dark times. When a melody is effective, it can pierce our hearts, bring us together, and give us courage and clarity.

In this class we will explore different strategies for crafting amazing melodies that support the storytelling in your songs. We will study classic songs and songwriters from the western pop world as well as classical music from Iran and India. You will have the chance to share your own songs and receive individualized support. Every class will include some combination of vocal warmups, writing exercises, study, work time, and sharing. This is an opportunity to connect in a new way with your muse and to invite your own unique voice to stretch and expand.

Adrienne Shamszad is a singer, songwriter, composer and teaching artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her musical style is a potent blend of folk, soul and the blues infused with Iranian vocals, melodies and poetry. She combines her decades of experience in American songwriting craft with her study of Iranian Classical music to share her unique musical perspective with longing, hope, humor and depth.

Adrienne has been a dedicated voice, guitar and songwriting teacher and coach for 20 years. She has worked with hundreds of people, in groups and individually, as a guide through the complex waters of their artistic development and views the study of singing, songwriting and music as a path of discovering one’s authentic self, again and again. She is actively engaged in empowering people with the skills they need to use their unique voices to tell their stories, to sing, and speak their truth with power, beauty and wisdom.

Please note: There will be no class held 9/19/22.  The last class session will meet 10/24/22.

This class meets online for 6 weekly, 75-minute sessions.  You will receive the Zoom link for all class sessions by email upon registration.

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