when i'm tired | adrienne shamszad

A Song From My Vault

Hello beloveds,

My latest “Song From The Vault” is out today on all the streaming platforms. It will be my last release of these songs for a while and here’s why: this project was designed purely for me to get out of the past and into the present, and it worked.

I spent many years in an agonizing battle with myself about my worthiness. In fact, grappling with whether or not I am good enough has been a dominant theme of the work of my life. When I chose to share these older songs that I had not formally released into the world, knowing that they were not perfect recordings or the most accurate representation of my current musicianship, or even if anyone would hear them, it was a simple yet powerful step towards reclaiming my self-worth and my artistic confidence. Because for someone like me who has struggled to get out of their own way so much in life, to just do the thing and not try TOO hard or overthink it has been pretty damn revelatory.

Here is a little backstory about this song, out today…

I had a really bad breakup when I was 28 that ended a really painful relationship. It was an explosive, brutal experience to break free from the relationship. Staying broken up was just as hard at first. Some exes you just should not text. Period. Ever again.

One night, tempted to falter in my resolve yet again, I got serious with myself; I picked up my guitar instead of the phone and wrote this song, “When I’m Tired.” It is the story of the post-break-up struggle and it was the ultimate gift to myself to help me STAY broken up. Whenever I sang it, I could go through the whole heartbreaking journey and remind myself exactly how the story would end (i.e. me, sitting alone in my room, writing breakup songs). So, may this song reach you who need the reminder NOT to pick up the phone and text your ex. 😉

So, with that, I hope your day rocks, and that you do something for yourself that cuts you a little more loose from whatever it is that may be holding you back in life. We just have the one… well, i mean, we probably have more than one life, but that’s a conversation for another email.

Love, love, and more love,

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P.P.S. Thank you to Ram Dass for mixing this piece and helping me get my songs out in the world