All In Lyrics

All In
I found my love in a sacred place
Floating like an otter out beyond the waves
And the sparkle in his eyes
called out to mine
I became an otter too so we could play

Oh I swim
and I say my prayer
I would go with you anywhere
You’re my blood
you’re in my skin
And I want to dive
All the way in
All in

My love grew wings and he took the sky
He stared down at me with his eagle eyes
He was circling above
As I sang “All you need is love”
And tail feathers grew from my spine

Oh I fly
Yeah I catch the wind
So ready for my life with you to begin
But love’s plan
it is what it is
O I wonder love
Will you let us in
All in

Out here in the sky
I won’t lose sight of you
I don’t know much of anything
But I know that much is true
And the hunters below
They’re fascinated by us
So we turn into wolves
And we challenge their guns

My love ran off into the woods alone
Rain fell hard as I howled at the moon
But in the morning sky was clear
And I felt my lover near
Two legs, two arms, one heart,
One home

Now he sings into my ear
My love I’m not going anywhere
You’re my blood,
you see through my skin
So I made a deal with love
Now She’s gonna let us in
All In

©2021, Adrienne Shamszad