a sad update with a positive reframe & some pretty pictures

Hey family,

As I wrote in my last email, I was planning to perform tonight with Artemisia, the band of one of my students, for their EP release show in Oakland. The bummer news is that one of their members has tested positive for Covid and we had to reschedule. The happy news is that we already have the date – Saturday, June 11th, same place.

The sad news is that my other student Sophia won’t be able to sing with me on June 11th. But the SUPER HAPPY news is that I will be accompanied by Mia Pixley who is an amazing cellist and vocalist, who also happens to be one of my favorite Bay Area musicians. You can listen to her album here.

It was a whirlwind of a morning figuring all of this out, but as usual, it’s all gonna be ok.


While you’re here, let me tell you that I had a life-changing photoshoot last week with Roshi Sariaslan, who is nothing short of a visionary. I spent the day till sunset out in Mill Valley, CA, and on Mt. Tamalpais with my bare feet spreading into the dirt, soaking in the exhale of the redwoods, with heaps upon heaps of flowers and leaves clipped into my hair by a mad fairy-genius artist and photographer. We spent sunset on the top of our sacred mountain (Mt. Tam is considered by many to be a holy site on earth), in a glorious blaze of radiant light pouring itself onto all our prayers and dreams for our lives. !

I sang and played and drank in the day. It was so much more than ‘taking photos for my website and promo blah blah.’ It was a day spent in the care of women (my soul-sis and new web designer Abby Kojola was there helping), in the arms of the Earth, and standing within the manifestation of a lifelong dream which is for me to be a forest nymph.

Which pic is your fave?


Alright, I’d better get back out into the forest for my nymph business.

Catch you soon.