Breathe You In © 2014, Adrienne Shamszad

Our Web of Connection + A New Song

We are the web of connection

Recently, I’ve been thinking of being alive as synonymous with being connected. U.S. society, which I am woven into, places such overwhelming emphasis on our independence, on our individuality, on our abilities and achievements as isolated performers. Even though these ideals have pervaded our consciousness for so long, even though it seems really real…it’s all basically a lie. It is impossible to be independent, really. To be truly alone would mean that nothing else could exist. There would be no earth supporting us, no mother that birthed us, no one else would have ever done anything ever… The road we drive to get to our job was conceived of and caste into being by a group of people, thinking about you and your future life. The clothes you wear, the food you eat, the water you drink, the books you read, the everything you everything are all here for you because of all the forces and beings that are working together to make them manifest. We are all the components that make up a web of profound connection.

Like a spider web, illuminated by the moon, casting out light, swaying in pulses with the gentle breeze that blows through, we are constantly and forever bound to each other as the web is bound to itself. We are each one of the little strings in an infinite spiral. We are the web that life is weaving. Your breath moves the whole thing. Your thoughts, your goals, your losses, your dreams… they are fed by and feeding the energy that enlivens all of life.

We see this evidenced in Earth Science – how all life is connected inextricably to itself. The insects, the minerals, the temperature, the mammals, the weather, the toxins, omg ALL of it is in fact the thing that sustains everything else. You can’t remove one part of the web on the East and not feel it in the West. The North Pole doesn’t warm and melt without the South Pole melting too. Our planet is the physical manifestation of that which is ethereally present constantly within each of us.

I could go on and on with this metaphor, because it’s so beautiful to imagine… But, we all have to go be and do so I’ll leave you with these questions to ponder. If you really knew that you were indefatigably connected to everyone and everything, how would that change your life? What if we really knew that we were not just related to one another, but woven into each other’s actual existence? What kind of world might we want to sustain if we knew that we were really and truly part of it, always and forever?

Let me know if this makes sense to you. Let me know if it doesn’t. It is always a joy to hear from you..

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“Love is a mystical and unpredictable force. It can feel like a dream, a promise, a prayer… Breathe You In paints the picture of what love might be possible between two people, but that has yet to fully manifest. It is a song about that love which has yet to make a home for itself, like a nomad curiously wandering the space between two lovers. The warmth of the instrumentation feels like the long embrace before one says goodbye, the lyrics tell the story of the one that is left behind. The song was crafted and recorded in 2014 and is finally taking flight from my vault of secret, sacred songs.” – A.S